Tips and Resources to Stay Active

While we are spending more time at home, be sure to stay active. Exercise and physical

activity benefits your health and mental wellness. Regular exercise improves flexibility and balance while building muscles and bones. Exercise also releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that will enhance your mood. Plus exercise has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Here are some useful tips, tricks, and resources to keep you active and moving:

Explore your fresh air fitness options. The Pennsylvania Department of Health encourages people to go outside during social distancing but advises individuals to keep six feet apart. So take a walk, hike a new path, go for a run or bicycle ride. Just be sure to maintain six feet of separation between you and others. For more outdoor exercise opportunities, visit our outdoor activities page.

Start a garden. Gardening is considered a moderate-intensity exercise. One hour of gardening (or yard work) burns about 330 calories, this is more than walking at a moderate pace for the same amount of time. Don't know where to start to visit our gardening resources page.

OnDemand Workout Videos. Whether you are looking for an intense sweat-inducing workout or a 15-minute fix, there is a workout video for you. Overwhelmed by the array of video workout options? Centre Moves has curated a workout video list for you. These workouts are free, require little to no equipment, and have instructors who know their stuff. View the curated videos here. Plus many local gyms and yoga studios are providing online or streaming services. Learn more here.

Create a home circuit workout. Ash Wilking, Nike Training, and Rumble Instructor shares

that "circuit training is a workout based around stations that you complete continuously, with little or no rest between sets." No special equipment or expertise is needed. Just follow the American Heart Associations' guide to get started.

Anytime exercises. These are exercises that can be done anywhere, at any time for any length of time with no coaching or instructions. They include jumping jacks, walk squats, and floating feet. View a full list of anytime exercises click here.

Use your smartphone. Try these free apps to keep you active and fit while spending more time at home.

  1. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App is designed by Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. It's designed to meet the American College of Sports Medicine's fitness guidelines. It includes both aerobic and strength-training exercises done in the style of a quick, interval program.

  2. The Nike+ Training Club app includes more than 100 workouts designed by Nike trainers, with video and audio guidance for workouts of different lengths.

  3. Fitness Buddy App. The free version of the app offers a range of workouts that can be done at home or in a gym using weights, a kettlebell, or a resistance band.

  4. Zombies, Run! The app combines audiobook storytelling with exercise, with a narrative that will keep you hitting the street time after time.

  5. Superhero Workout is similar to the 7 Minute Workout app but adds a gaming element to provide a full-body workout that's fun and story-driven.

  6. Walkr is a space-themed adventure game in which players earn energy points for their spaceship by walking in real life. There are more than 30 missions, 25 planets, dozens of creatures, and upgraded ships for players to acquire.

Stay active but be sure to practice social distancing and help flatten the curve!