How to move more even when you are busy!

Physical activity is vital to a healthy life, but it can be hard between work, family, and friends to find the time to get in a workout. Here are a few ideas to help you get moving even when you are busy:

  1. Schedule a power lunch with a virtual yoga class or a fifteen-minute brisk walk, or complete a mini-workout at your desk or home office.

  2. Walk during your meeting. If you are working from home, grab your phone and walk during your home. Working from the office proposes hosting your meeting as an outdoor walk.

  3. Amp up housework to burn more calories. Move vigorously as you vacuum, sweep, dust, and scrub. Outside, use a push mower, wash cars by hand, do the yard work, and gardening with your 'Fit Family.'

Do you have a great way you add a physical activity? Share with Centre Moves at to create a helpful list for others to stay active despite being busy.