Get cycling with Push the Pedal

Written by Jean Bemis

So you’re ready to take a bike ride, your first of 2021? How does starting out with plans to join PUSH THE PEDAL 2021 sound? Let’s take a look at TWO important elements that can/may add a touch of JOY to each of your biking experiences along with other riders participating in PUSH THE PEDAL 2021.

FIRST, make sure that your bicycle is in good repair for your safety. Look for working brakes, tires properly filled with air along with all connection spots tightened, Community sources/resources are available for needed assistance to guarantee that your bike is safe to ride. Readily available are locals bicycle shops and service stations ready and willing to lend a helpful hand.

SECOND, seek out riding companions. Think of the following two words: R E A C H O U T! Find that rider who seems just about ready to go. Then to make it a GO, it takes an ‘inviting’ invitations for that person to become a companion rider with you. There could be neighbors, classmates from school or community classes, relatives such as moms, wives, dads, husbands, cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and yes, maybe even grandpas and grandmas. Look about town for grocers, bankers, doctors, nurses, teachers, professors, or fellow book club members. EXPLORE all around and about for that person who may welcome an invitation to take a bike ride with you and others that you have encouraged to give biking a ‘go.’

You and YOUR invitees can start out during the month of May with PUSH THE PEDAL 2021. Along whichever route you choose to take, you will meet other biking enthusiasts possibly leading to more biking companions. There is NO limit to whom you may inspire to join in for some fun AND exercise. Just think, what begins with PUSH THE PEDAL 2021 may inspire each biker to continue riding on new and exciting paths throughout the year as weather and time permit. Think also of ALL the bikes that are shined up for an active time with RIDERS OF ALL AGES. Let’s get loads of bikes back on an active. track again. There may be bikes too that have been locked up in the shed too long that would appreciate an invitation to stretch out their spokes to join you on a ride. Gathering with a group to ride can add an exciting element of fellowship to cycling. Rounding up fellow cyclists will be more fun for you and fill bike paths to the rim with happy riders.

Let’s fill the trails and paths with joyful fun-seeking cyclists who are out too enjoy PUSH THE PEDAL 2021. And PUSH THE PEDAL 2021 can be, just the beginning. It all begins with those TWO words: R E A C H O U T!

Jean Bemis is a long time cyclist, retired kindergarten teacher and dedicated Centre Moves volunteer.