Growing your own garden whether it's indoors, in your backyard, at the schoolyard or part of a plot in a community garden can do more than provide tasty produce and beautiful flowers. There are some major health benefits to getting a little dirt under your nails including improved heart health, reducing stress, better sleep, and improved hand strength. 

Penn State Extension Home Gardening

Articles, videos, tips, and tricks for your garden.

Tips for Beginners

Local and expert guidance for beginner gardeners

Gardening 101

Primer for beginner gardeners covering the basic gardening information

Homestead Facebook Group

Local Homestead Facebook Group

Map Your Plot

Instructions to map your garden and download the planning grid!

Cover Crop

Help prevent soil erosion, reduce weed problems, and provide a habitat for beneficial insects.

Garden Apps

Apps to plan and manage your garden.

Planting Calendar

When to direct seed or transplant vegetable crops

Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

The basics of planting and growing a vegetable garden

Community Gardens

locate a community garden

Gardening Learning Library

Free resources from the National Gardening Association

Zone Finder

Learn more about planting zones

Gardening Calendar

Customize by Postal Code

Gardening Courses

Originally created in the late 1990s, and the information is as relevant today as ever before


The Best Gardening Podcasts